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How to Transfer freecharge credits Balance to Bank account

Freecharge balance can now be transferralble in any bank account
Freecharge added this feature resently and this very useful to
Many users gets freecharge cashback on recharges and bill payments or earns from various apps that you can transfer to bank account to use it as can earmn lots of freecharge credits by Cashback offers and freecharge earning apps

This simple guide will help to transfer freecharge balance from app to bank account

(note - Freecharge have different charge for transferring credits to Indian bank account ,first know the current charge rates than do complete below step by step process.)

Transfer may take some days about 2-4 days wait after the transaction so here is a tutorial on how to transfer freecharge credit to bank acount

A second note to users ,you can upstage account for faster payments and Withdrawal money and users may get free of charge for bank transfer process.

Method to Transfer Freecharge credits To Bank account

* Goto Freecharge official webpage and login to your account /If you already installed freecharge app > Open app

* Now if you need to upgrade your account upgrade it By entering mobile number and verify it

* Now click on My balance > Goto Add money/withdraw balance option

If you have freecharge account before it will be transferred to current account

* To transfer balance goto wallet to bank option

Provide bank account details to transfer your freecharge credits to bank account

To transfer money within 3 to 45 days ,their is fees applicable for customers at rate of 3%

In the bank page enter your Bank account number ,IFSC code ,bank name and payee name

(If you don't know about these things comment below)

* At last it you need to verify your number again by OTP to for successful transaction
And your freecharge credits is transfered to bank account

Their is a limit on sending money to bank 5000 Rs max for single transfer

Miminum credits to transfer is 100 Rs and max is 5000 Rs ( 25000 Rs per Month)

So if you have only 10-20 Rs you can transfer to bank account without any charges

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How to Transfer freecharge credits Balance to Bank account
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