Get 5000 Rs Cash/Bank money by UC news App | Sign up + Refferal

Uc news offer in which user get benefits of 5000 rs
Yes you can get 5000 rs real money by installing and referring friends to uc news app At first you will get sign up money and later to earn more money to reach thresholds you have earn some amount by inviting friends

earn bank money by uc news app

With UC news app you can read all latest and hit news, trending news, politicals news and many types of news like tech and humors etc, Hottest Hindi News from UC Browser!
Cricket Live Score, Modi, Videos, Jio Deals

How to get 5000 Rs from UC news App

* Download uc news android application from Google play store

Now choose Language which you want in app for reading
And choose news categories

After that a a poster of get 5000 for everyone appears open that

get 5000 rs real cash by uc news app

Now enter Reference code number to get 2500 to 5000 Rs money, you will get any amount by using below code

ENTER reference code - 7208796

Now you can begin earning, if you got 5000 rs you can transfer it bank account easily, if you have some less money, earn more by inviting friends

Get 5000 rs directly in bank account
If option appear of bank details enter bank account number, ifsc code, name etc

All money and prizes is given before 31th January 2017
This offer is valid from 12 December to 16 December
So hurry and get the money in bank before its gone. Every one will get prizes one time only



From 12 December 2016 to 16th December 2016

How to play(As a invitator):

Click "Start" for your reference code to start contest.

Click "Share" to invite your friends to install UC News

Remind friends to input your reference code after installation (UC News)(Otherwise it will not be counted as your referal)

You can draw for credits(1~2500)as everytime your friends enter your reference code.

Once your credits reached 5000,then you can claim Rs.5000 cash.

UC will transfer Rs.5000 into winner's bank account once all correct info been submitted before 31th Jan. 2017

Participant need to launch UC News to claim prize(Extra 2000~2500 credits will be given in UC News)


Rs.5000 --- No winners limitation (Maximum once for each participant)

For winner, please ensure that your contact info is correct. UC is not responsible for wrong delivery of prize.

Winners should consult the prizes before 31th Dec. 2016.

In case participant fill in contact information many times, UC will use the latest information as the final one.UC will not release participant's personal information to any third party

Any question or suggestion, please report it by clicking "Feedback" button

User are not encouraged to play the game for prizes with more than 1 phone. If UC find out that 1 person use 2 account to play, UC has right not to deliver prizes.
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