How to Link your Mobile number to aadhaar card number

If you are looking for self way to link your aadar card with your mobile number you can do it from sms or online service that is provides by the government
Not only this if you want to change or update new mobile number with old one you can do it all from below tutorial you dont have to do long proceeder its a short and simple way to do it

Linking aadar card with mobile number is very important according to government policies you can enjoy extra services and benefits and updates by linking one another

How to link or update mobile number through aadhaar number

What document you have to take

Aadhaar Card Copy Of SIM Card Owner & Its Number
Switched ON Mobile phone With SIM
You will receive an OTP During the starting Process
Fingerprint for the biometric verification

How to do it

First of all take your all document to your nearest retailer store like airtel store ,idea ,bsnl ,reliance etc

The store man will ask you your mobile number and aadar card number you it do that

Now you will receive an sms having four degit code OTP

Now give that sms opt to the store man

Now you have one process left they will get your fingerprint by biometric scanner

After all process you will get a sms for yes or no in 24 hours of time say yes

Now you have finally linked your mobile number to your aadar card enjoy furtger service

Its very important do it now
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