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3 Best UPI android apps to Check Bank account balance Instantly

In today guide how to know your bank account balance by UPI apps.There are various apps in Android Market that provides bank account information so after all various apps can give you your bank information and you can use them for UBI payments like tez app, phonepe app, chillr app and various other types of UPI apps which is the best app for payment in India you can pay to anyone through bank to bank account by creating UPI address.

With only one click you can send your money to anyone at first we have to give the extra charge to transfer money from one account to different account from machine ATM or expected but through UPI method this is the easiest way to transfer money from account to account and also you will get cashback offers.

For TEZ app

Tez app is launched by Google LLC and who don't know about Google this is the best application for parents in India and you can know your bank account balance with one click. Tez app also offers 51 Rs on signup, you will just need to send 1 rupees to anyone after registration and you will get 51 rupees cashback directly in your bank account.

To know your own bank account balance click on

> settings > now click on bank details then click on > view balance.

simply this app will give you current balance of your savings account you don't need to do anything best buys installing these apps you can do payments and know your balance also.

For Phonepe app

Phonepe is the another most popular app for recharge bill payment electricity payment this app is based on UPI payment method you will need to link your bank account to phonepe and users can transaction through UPI method with one click you can know your own bank balance if you have installed phonepe app

if you still not installed, you can download phonepe now and get 75 Rs cashback on your first transaction .This is absolutely free, you can transfer your phonepe wallet balance to your bank account directly.

To know your bank account balance

First open app > now click on my account > now click on bank account details and tap request balance .

By simply this method phonepe will show your current saving bank account balance.

Also check phonepe offer - Get 75 Rs cashback on your first transaction

Check bank balance by Bhim app

Is launched by Indian Government and it is the first Indian apply application by using Bhim you can say to anyone through U P I address it is free to use service for all Indian customers but we knew that is also linked with various apps like Paytm and phone pay extra you can use Bhim payment method for online shopping a charged extra in various Indian merchant websites and apps this way Bhim provides a simple way to pay cashless.

You can too check your bank account balance for free from Bhim app

If you already installed Bhim app then

open app > click on "bank account" then > click on request balance now and enter pin. it will show your current savings account bank balance.

These all U P I mentioned apps can be linked with any Indian Bank account like State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Punjab Bank, Yes Bank , RBL Bank ,RBI Bank Axis Bank,Airtel payment bank and all hundred plus banks available in India.All banks can be attached through these apps. you can pay instantly,Go cashless,you can get offers and you can also earn money using these apps simply by availing offers.